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“Close to a million people lost their lives and several million lost their homelands forever when India and Pakistan were partitioned. In the midst of the horror that Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs inflicted on each other there were also redeeming stories of the love that bound these communities together—stories we cling to, so we may retain our faith in the human spirit . Milange Babey Ratan De Mele Te is one such story. It is the story of how love survived a holocaust.” — Arundhati Roy

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Milange Babey Ratan De Mele Te (Let’s Meet at Baba Ratan’s Fair)

Borders spring up from nowhere; new nations are born of a violent rupture and unprecedented blood-letting, uprooting millions of people; and, a centuries-old composite culture is silenced forever. Or so it would seem…

On the eve of the British leaving the subcontinent in 1947, Punjab was partitioned along religious lines. Thus was created a Muslim majority state of Punjab (west) in Pakistan and a Hindu /Sikh majority state of Punjab (east) in India. For the people of Punjab, it created a paradoxical situation they had never experienced before: the self became the Other. The universe of a shared way of life – Punjabiyat — was marginalised. It was replaced by perceptions of contending identities through the two nation states. For most of us this has been the narrative of Punjab– once known as the land of five waters, now a cultural region spanning the border between Pakistan and India.


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ghulamkalam.blogspot.in/2013/06/blog-post_17.html by Yadwinder Karfew in Punjabi Tribune Shahmukhi-translation-of-the-punjabi-tribune-article/ Shahmukhi translation of Yadwinder karfew’s Article Sanjhi Virasat Ka Doaba/ by Mihir Pandya in Kathadesh Let’s Meet at Baba Ratan’s Mela by Asad Zaidi reviews Punjab Trilogy Here (hi) stories shall meet by Sarika Sharma ( The Daily Post) In-quest-of-roots/Article1-1048336.aspx#.UXY84hyzF1A.facebook by Sanjam Preet Singh in Hindustan Times The Sunday Guardian: Rediscovering Punjabiyat at Baba Ratan’s Mela by Nidhi Gupta (January 2013) Times of India: Recovering punjabiyat through a documentary on partition by Meenakshi Sinha (January 2013) Let’s Meet – On Ajay Bharadwaj’s ‘Milange Babey Ratan De Mele Te’ by Virinder S. Kalra in Kafila (January 2013) Sufism and the East Punjab Dalit assertion  Part III: by Professor Ishtiaq Ahmed in Daily Times (Pakistan, October 14, 2012)


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