Ek Minute Ka Maun (A Minute of Silence)

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It was a late afternoon in Siwan. A small town in the Indian state of Bihar. A young leader, after already having addressed four street corner meetings, is on his way to JP Chowk to address another, quite unmindful of his apparently impossible dreams in a very cynical present. He is sighted by some associates of a local Member of Parliament, a notorious mafia Don. The young leader is Chandrashekhar. Seconds later he is killed.


The news spreads. Reaches Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi. The premier institute of whose students’ union Chandrashekhar was twice the president. There is an anger, a fury which refuses to subside…The Govt. refuses to respond. The apathy and ignoble silence so uniquely its hallmark and preserve.


This apathy, this grief, this indifference, this hurt. This is what ‘Ek Minute Ka Maun’ sets to establish. Piecing together scenes from the agitation and combining with it the portrait of Chandrashekhar. The man and the leader, the rebel and the dreamer. An unwitting pawn, but a willing activist, caught in the spidery web of criminal – political nexus.


But dreams do not die after Chandu. They live on, still hopeful, still optimistic. Very much like him.

Title: Ek Minute Ka Maun (A Minute of Silence)
Duration: 60 minutes
Language: Hindi with English Subtitles
Year: 1997
Director/Producer: Ajay Bhardwaj
Additional Camera: Vineet
Script: Ajay Bhardwaj
Music: Gautam Ghosh
Editor: Sunil Kalia

January 2 to 7, 2003 Another World Film Festival, Asian Social Forum, HYDERABAD
Dec.26 to Jan.1, 2001 Inaugural Documentary
National Conference on Human Rights, Social Movements, Globalisation & the Law PANCHGANI

January 2000 NOTTAM 2000
Touring Documentary Film Festival of Kerala

October 1999 Third Annual Chingari Film Festival
Festival of South Asian Documentaries
Centre for South Asia
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

30 Sept. to 3 Oct.1999 Film South Asia 99
Festival of South Asian Documentaries
Kathmandu, Nepal

January 1999 Prakriti 98
Festival of Indian Documentary Films on
Environment, Development and Human Rights
Venue: University of Pune
Consortium for Educational Communications (CEC),
University Grants Commission. New Delhi

March 1998 Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF ‘98)

Risky Business‘ by Jaskiran Kapoor for The Indian Express (September 2008)