Of Land, Labour and Love

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This is the story of a tribal community in the block of Dasmantpur in South Orissa. Dasmantpur is located in the fifth schedule district of Koraput in Southern Orissa. Its hilly, upland terrain gives rise to several perennial and seasonal streams that allow for a rich diversity of crops, and vegetation. Add to this, the bountiful rainfall characteristic of the region, and …


And yet, poverty, and hunger stare the tribal communities of Dasmantpur for major parts of the year. The fragile eco-system on the undulating upland terrain has been destroyed by the felling of trees, and denudation of the forests. This, coupled with government neglect, and years of exploitation has affected the wellbeing of the tribal community severely.


This process has affected most of the tribal districts in Southern Orissa, leading to chronic malnutrition and ill-health, symptomised by yearly epidemics and high rates of distress migration.


On the other hand, the resilience and courage of the tribal people of Koraput have helped them survive against the worst odds. This is a film about the efforts of Ama Sangathan, a federation of tribal women’s organisations and the tribal people of Dasmantpur to push back the limits of human endeavor, and overcome the crippling poverty of their lives. But this is just a beginning and the countervailing forces are still strong…

Supported by Ama Sangathan and UNDP

Title: Of Land, Labour and Love
Duration : 65 minutes
Language: Parja and Kondha, with English Subtitles
Year: 2008
Director and Producer: Ajay Bhardwaj

4th-8th Feb 09 Vibgyor  International Film Festival for Short and Documentary Films, Sangeet Natak Academy Campus, Thrissur, Kerala.  Screened Under the Festival Section: Food Sovereignty

29th August,2008: Jeevika South Asia Documentary Film Festival Venue: Casuarina Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, Time: 2.20 pm
14-15 March, 2009: Bangalore Film society in collaboration with Jeevika Film Festival, Bangalore
14th June, 2009: 4 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. Screening-cum- discussions, Of Land Labour and Love at Museum für Völkerkunde/ Anthropological Museum, Heidelberg, Germany
22nd June, 2009: 8:30 p.m.Special screening-cum-introduction and discussions,Of Land, Labour and Love, GLOBALE FILM FESTIVAL at Capitol Kino, Marburg , Germany
23rd June, 2009: 8:30 p.m. Special screening-cum-introduction and discussions,Of Land, Labour and Love, GLOBALE FILM FESTIVAL at Jokus Kino, Giessen, Germany
24th June, 2009: 7p.m. screening-cum- discussions, Of Land, Labour and Love, at Martin Luther University, Halle, Germany
20th Oct ,2010: Centre for Indo Canadian Studies, University of Fraser Valley, Canada

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