Rabba Hun Kee Kariye (Thus Departed Our Neighbours)

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The documentary deals with partition memories on the Indian side of Punjab.


While India won her independence from the British rule in 1947, the north western province of Punjab was divided into two. The Muslim majority areas of West Punjab became part of Pakistan, and the Hindu and Sikh majority areas of East Punjab remained with, the now divided, India. The truncated Punjab bore scars of large-scale killings as each was being cleansed of their minorities.


Sixty years on, Rabba Hun Kee Kariye trails this shared history divided by the knife. Located in the Indian Punjab where people fondly remember the bonding with their Muslim neighbours and vividly recall its betrayal. It excavates how the personal and informal negotiated with the organised violence of genocide. In village after village, people recount what life had in store for those who participated in the killings and looting. Periodically, the accumulated guilt of a witness or a bystander, surfaces, sometimes discernible in their subconscious, othertimes visible in the film.


Without rancour and with great pain a generation unburdens its heart, hoping this never happens again.

Title: Rabba Hun Kee Kariye (Thus Departed Our Neighbours)
Duration: 65 Minutes
Language: Punjabi with English Subtitles
Year: 2007
Director/ Producer: Ajay Bhardwaj
Camera: Ajay Bhardwaj
Sound Editing and Mixing: Asheesh Pandya
Editor: Tenzin Kunchok

On the 9th of February, 2013, by GLASGOW Intercultural Arts Group, Cultural Asia and Glasgow Ethnic & Minority Association in their ”Scottish Adbi Forum” at 423 Paisley Road west Glasgow .

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 6-7 November, 2012. Sponsored by the Department of Asian Studies, the Department of Art History and Visual Art, and the Office of the Vice President Research and International.

Screened at Waterman’s Arts Centre, London, on 11 September, 2011, by Pop Samiti.

Screened at the 37th Annual Conference on South Asia, University of Wisconsin Madison Oct 18, 2008, USA, http://southasiaconference.wisc.edu/archive/2008/2008-Program_small.pdf
REMEMBERING PARTITION 11th -12 th August 2007

Asia Society India Centre and Jnanapravha
Venue: Jnanapravaha, 3rd Floor, Queens Mansion, A K Nayak Marg, Fort, Mumbai
The Chitrkar Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan on 8th Sept 07 .
A second screening in Mumbai at ‘Kino Kandivili’ on 26th August 07 at
EKVIRA VIDYALAYA, Sector 1, Kusumagraj Path, Charkop, Kandivli West, Mumbai
Asia Society India Centre, Mumbai 2007
Film South Asia, Kathmandu, Nepal 2007
Spinning Wheel Film Festival, Toronto, Canada 2007
South Asia Institute, University of Heidelberg, Germany 2007
Mumbai International Film Festival, Mumbai 2008.
Vasakh Film Festival, Lahore, Pakistan 2008
Travelling Film South Asia Festival 2008-screening held at the Universities of Arizona, New Haven, Minnesota, and Virginia in the US, and Brighton in the UK.
September 4th,2008 at EURAC, Bolzano/Bozen, South Tryol, Italy
MCRC, JMI, New Delhi,14th August 08
MeTa Movies Film Club Chandigarh
Aravali Centre for the Arts and Culture, 21st Sept, Gurgaon,
Calcutta Research Centre, Winter Course on Forced Migration
Global Peace and Justice Day, Marion College, Indianapolis, USA 7 April 2009
37th Annual Conference on South Asia, University of Wisconsin Madison 18th Oct 2008
16th June,2009:15.30 p.m. – 20.00 p.m.
Screening- cum- Workshop, Rabba Hun Kee Kariye at Dept. of Intercultural Communication, Wuerzburg university, Germany
Annual Virani Lecture Series on Islam in South Asia.
Department of Asian Studies,
University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Canada
18th Oct 2010, Screening
Fredric Lasserre Building, 6333 Memorial Road
Screening of AJAY BHARDWAJ’S Punjabi Films ‘Kitte Mil Ve Mahi’ & ‘Rabba Hun Kee Kariye?’, Surrey Canada, Nov 26/2010, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey Campus

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Review by Sundjata Keita after the screening at Waterman Arts Center organized by Pop Samiti (September 2011)


Partition 1947 : Part, parcel and perpetrators of violence‘ by Anjali Nambissan for Hindustan Times (August 2011)


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