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Reflections from a viewer on ‘Rabba Hun Kee Kariye’

Reflections of Ashraf Sahib.

To me this documentary has given a voice to those hundreds of Thousands of people who lost their lives in the 1947 partition. Personally, I grew up in a family where I heard these stories first hand from my Gran. Of how she locked her home in Kartarpur and looked after the key to that house for several years with the intention of returning. Further, of how my Gran was privileged to be travelling in the only survived truck of three whilst the rest of her family was unfortunately in the other two trucks that were slaughtered on the way to Pakistan.

My father, who was 13 years old at the time of the partition walked with a sandookari (metal case) on his head from Noor Mehal to a camp where they stayed for two months and reached Pakistan by train.

When I was watching this documentary, it brought all these stories of my childhood to life. And I cannot thank you enough for sending this to me and bringing these forgotten tragedies to screen. This subject has always been under-represented and neglected on either side of the border. In particular, I feel that the historians have let down the people who paid the price of independence by not only giving up all material possessions but ultimately giving their lives.

I am especially pleased that this documentary has been shown in Pakistan and I hope somebody in Pakistan will take the initiative to document these stories on the Pakistani side as time is running out and their aren’t many people left to bring these stories of human atrocities to film – there could quite possibly be someone who has made a documentary that I have not come across.

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